Resources & Services


Consent Seminars

We also provide seminars dedicated to educating individuals on the crucial topic of consent, aiming to foster a culture of understanding and respect within our community. 


 Playspace Monitors for Hire

Ensure a secure and consensual environment with our professional playspace monitors available for hire, delivering peace of mind for your events and intimate gatherings.


Dungeon Monitor Training Certification 

Elevate your expertise in maintaining safe and respectful playspaces with our comprehensive Dungeon Monitor Training Certification, your key to ensuring consensual and secure environments in the kink and BDSM community.


Adult Industry: Model Intake Procedures

Experience a seamless entry into the adult industry with our Model Intake Procedures, thoughtfully designed to prioritize consent and create a positive journey for performers, backed by our comprehensive, consent-driven forms.


Adult Industry Pre-scene Negotiation Procedures Training

Elevate your professionalism and prioritize consent in the adult industry with our Pre-scene Negotiation Procedures Training, equipping you with essential skills for safe and respectful interactions on set.


Post-Scene Debrief & Aftercare Procedure and Training

Invest in the well-being of your team and performers with our Post-Scene Debrief & Aftercare Procedure and Training, ensuring a nurturing and supportive environment after every production, setting the industry standard for care and consent.


Conflict Resolution Training

Our Conflict Resolution Training in the adult industry provides valuable skills for navigating unexpected challenges, ensuring a professional, respectful, and consensual resolution when things don't go as planned.


Sexual Health and STI Conversation Training


Break down stigmas and empower adult performers with our Sexual Health and STI Conversation Training, equipping you with fact-based resources and open, honest dialogue to prioritize sexual well-being and safety within the industry.


BDSM Consent & Negotiation

Master the art of BDSM Consent & Negotiation with our comprehensive training, ensuring that every intimate encounter is built on trust, respect, and enthusiastic consent.


Live Events Consent Forms

We offer those who have been certified with our courses our resources for hosting playspaces at Live events including model intake forms, patron consent forms, and more.